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Tuck WS

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D1. "The Wolf and the Stork." In this parody of WC, A wolf dressed in a German officer's great coat with spurs and sword menaces a Turkish stork, who holds a bone in his hand. The card's own explanation is "It seems that Turkey, and the other friends of Germany, have to be content with very little gratitude for the help they have given." Series title: "Aesop's Fables Up to Date." $11.17 as part of a complete set from Susan Brouwer, Hesperia, CA, through Ebay, July, '00. Extra exemplars for $11.25 from Carolyn Nimmer Dias through Ebay, March, '99, for $25 from Dick Lightle, April, '00, and for $4 from Betty Jette, Epsom, NH, through Ebay, July, '99.

D2. "De Wolf en de Ooievaar." Series title: "De Lessen van Aesopus op Onzen tijd Toegepast." Gift of Jerry McKevitt, Feb., '96.

D3. "Il Lupo e la Cicogna." The card's back tells the fable in Italian and then adds: "A quanto pare la Turchia e gli altri alleati della Germania devono accontentarsi, come la cicogna, per l'aiuto da essi prestato, di un compenso di quel genere." 12,000 Lire at the Porta Portese flea market, August, '98.

D4. "O Lobo e a Cegonha." The card's back tells the fable in Portuguese and then adds: "De mesmo feitio parece que a Turquia e os outros amigos d'Alemanha terão de se contentar com bem pouco reconhecimento pelos serviços que prestaram." Series title: "As Fabulas de Aesopo Modernisadas." $25 from Dick Lightle, Shawnee, KS, Sept., '99.

D5. "El Lobo y la Cigüeña." Spanish. See the adjacent English printing for the card's political application. Series title: "Actualidad de Esopo." $14.25 from "Dittos," Grayland, WA, through Ebay, Feb., '02.