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Single Prize Cards

1950? 1 card with a line to be completed with a child's name after "Bon Point de." 2¾" x 4". The card's colored picture is of GGE. It is signed "Bac"; there is a further--illegible--signature on the lower left. The verso contains La Fontaine's text and these two attributions: "A. Jeandé, Libraire-Éditeur, Paris" and "Paris - Imp. Des Arts et Manuifactures, 12, rue Paul-Lelong." $6 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, March, '01.

Here is a quintessentially cheap card on poor stock. The image shows nice color in the midst, I would say, of poor definition. I presume this card was part of a set meant as classroom commendations and prizes. 


1930? 1 small (about 2" x 2¾") colored "Bon Point" card illustrating La Fontaine's FC.  #10.  Phosphatine Falières.  L. Bellenand et Fils. 

Here is an example of simple colored printing that is not exact.  I presume that "Bon Point" indicates a prize card.  The verso includes the moral "Tout flatteur vita us dépens de celui qui l'écoute."