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Phosphatine Florian Monochrome

1910? Twelve 7½" x 5¼" cards engraved by Devambez in Paris, picturing and presenting Florian's fables but not in full color, as in an otherwise almost identical set, but rather in monochrome.  "Édité par la Phosphatine Falières." Gift of Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, August, '15. 

The pictures used are identical with those used in the colored set, and the same texts and printer's designs are also used, but the setup of each card, front and verso, is slightly different.  These cards are not numbered as are those in the colored series.  What a curious repetition!  And how strange that I have not come across it until now!  Each verso contains its fable text bordered on three sides by a floral display.

Young Chicken & Old Fox

Two Cats

Two Travelers

Fable & Truth


Clothes of Harlequin

The Blind & the Lame

Monkeys and Leopard

Old Tree & Gardener

Ass and Flute

Tightrope Walker

House of Cards