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A. Billon Florian

1890? 13 colored French cards (and one extra) picturing scenes from Florian's fables. 2½ " x slightly more than 4". A Billon, Paris. $70 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, March, '01.

In these portrait-formatted small cards, a gold border surrounds the full-color picture in the upper three quarters of the card and the five or six lines quoted from Florian below. The title of the fable itself, with Florian's name in parentheses, is written across the golden bar separating the two portions of the picture side of the card. The monkey giving the laterna magica show cuts a vivid figure. Another striking image is presented by the two bald men grappling with each other. If one exchanges gold borders for blue, these cards are almost identical with those which I have listed under "Florian Blue Border." Four cards advertise "Chicorée Boulangère/Paguetage Croissant" on their picture side, while one advertises "Chocolat Ibled". All five of those cards have consistent advertising on their text sides. Four cards advertise Moka Beriot from Lille. One advertises Maison Salmon L. Tual-Salmon as a maker of chocolates and "conserves alimentaires." Two cards present short fable texts and advertise "Chicorée Extra a 'L'Écolière.'" Two cards simply present the fable text and refer to a second printer, A. Picard et Kaan.

"L'Avare et son Fils"

"Le Danseur de Corde & le Balancier"

"Les Deux Chauves"

"Les Deux Jardiniers" (Chicorée Boulangère and plain)

"Les Deux Persans"

"L'Enfant et le Miroir"

"Le Jeune Homme et le Vieillard"

"La Mère, l'Enfant et les Sarigues"

"Le Philosophe et le Chat-Huart"

"Le Roi Alphonse"

"Le Rossignol et le Prince"

"Le Singe qui montre la Laterne magique"

"Le Tropeau de Colas"