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Etablissements Bergougnan/Thérèse Boutigny et Soeurs

1890? 19 colored French cards (from a larger series?) picturing scenes from La Fontaine's fables and apparently just one, "Les Serins et le Chardonneret," from Florian. Just over 3½" x 5½". All advertise Bergougnan on the verso, though in five different forms, including one postcard. Clermont-F - Imp. Joachim. €6 apiece for 16 cards from Brie Comte Robert at Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05.  Six duplicates and three further new cards from Pierre Augereau, Vancouver, BC. Four additional Bergougnan cards and two Thérèse Boutigny et Soeurs cards from Imago Libri, St. Ouen, August, '15.

Each of the colored pictures here includes a quadrangular text of the fable from La Fontaine or, in the one case noted above, Florian. It also includes five circles arranged in relation to a major illustration of the story. Bergougnan seems to have been a major seller of rubber products, especially for automobiles. The cards frequently advertise Caoutchouc. Thérèse Boutigny is advertised as "Marchande de Mode" in Amiens.  The two Boutigny cards were printed byi PaulVallier, Clermont FD Paris.