1938 Drake-Wiltshire Hotel Fable Menu.  Friday, September 23, 1938.  Jo Mora Fable Murals.  $9.99 from Michael Kopperman, Toronto, Ontario, through eBay, July, '03.

Unfold the menu and you find a nice panorama of two of the Drake-Wiltshire's fable murals. As with the fable postcards displayed elsewhere, the murals seem not to depend on any traditional fables for the match-ups among the animals. The filet mignon dinner cost $1.25!

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1956 Compagnie Générale Transatlantique French Line menu for Dimanche 9 Juin 1957 with cover art of "Le Singe et le Dauphin" by Jean A. Mercier. Printed in France by Imp. Beuchet, Nantes. $9.95 from Mike and Karla Edelman, Buffalo Grove, IL, through Ebay, March, '00. Click on menu to see its picture in larger format.

Lovely pastels work together effectively in this breezy picture. On the back cover is the text of La Fontaine's fable. Above it is a cameo of La Fontaine set into a scene of a dolphin and a lyre. Under it is a lovely view of just the back part of the tail of the dolphin after he has plunged into the rippling water. The only problem with such a beautiful find is that it makes one wonder how many other La Fontaine menus there are to be found from this cruise line!

 1975 “Place de la Fontaine” menu from the Château Frontenac in Québec.  6.5” x 12”. 

This menu from the famous restaurant in the Hotel Château Frontenac in Québec features a cover cartoon illustration of “Le Renard et le Corbeau” with the caption “Never listen to flattery”.   The back of the menu shows cartoons representing TH, GA, FG and FS.  A caption reads, “Jean de La Fontaine wrote many fables, each with a definite moral.  Do you remember the moral of each of the four fables illustrated on this page?”  The morals are listed on the inside of the menu. Interestingly, the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” is an Aesop fable, yet the menu credits it to Jean de La Fontaine. The menu is in both French and English.



airfrance.jpg (50385 bytes) 1990? Set of eight menu jackets edited by Service Publicité d'Air France and used by Air France on dinner flights. Art by Willy Aractingi. Texts of La Fontaine as translated by Walter Thornbury. Gift of Nicole Dodier of Air France Publicité in answer to my request, Jan., '92. Extra copy first sent me by Terry Maguire from a Boston-Paris flight. Extras of MM, TMCM, and "The Pig, the Goat, and the Sheep" from teal1 through eBay, August, '02. 

Each jacket includes a cover picture of the fable and a back-cover featuring, in two columns, the French and the English text (Thornbury's translation) of a La Fontaine fable. The art is oil on canvas done by Willy Aractingi. Sent by Nicole Dodier of Air France Publicité in answer to my request. An extra copy of the first menu jacket was brought to me by Terry Maguire; it contains a specific menu used on a Boston-Paris flight. My favorite among them is "The Frog and the Rat." The fables presented include: FC; FM; TMCM; 2P; MM; "The Cock and the Fox"; "The Pig, the Goat, and the Sheep"; and "The Eagle and the Owl."