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Gouget 1834 Prints

In my short time in Paris in the summer of 2014, I managed to find a number of fable materials.  Among them are broadsides or separated pages from Gouget's edition of La Fontaine in 1834 (Bodemann #279.1).  There are two groups. 

One group of five is carefully matted but without decoration around the page of text and illustration.  They are slightly colored.  The seller labeled them "1834" and that was the first clue that these are Gouget's work.  Gouget's signature is at the bottom of most texts.  The illustrations here are slightly colored.  These five are the following.  Click on any image to see it enlarged.




The Dog and Her Puppies

The Lark and Her Young

The Man and His Wooden Idol




The Oracle and the Impious Man




A second group of twelve has elaborate printer's designs around the (identical) illustration and text.  Each has these three signatures: Gouget Dir. Ex"; "N. PA. Xardo Sc."; and "LeMercier."

These prints include the following.  Click on any image to see it enlarged.


The Bassa and the Merchant

The Daughter

The Head and Tail of the Serpent

The Ingratitude and Injustice of Men vis--vis Fortune

The Man and His Wooden Idoll

The Man Who Runs After Luck & the Man Who Stays in Bed

The Pupil, the Pedant, and the Garden Master

The Treasure-Hound and the Monkey

The Two Friends

The Crow, Gazelle, Tortoise, & Rat (Page 2 of 2)

The Kite, King, and Hunter (Page 2 of 2)