China ROC

Click to see a larger version of the envelope: 1998 Set of four "Chinese Fables Postage Stamps" on an envelope devoted to the series and marked with "First Day of Issue" postmarks: "Taiwan, ROC, 25.9.98." The verso of the envelope gives the title of the stamps' four scenes. FDC Designer: Rolland Chang. Directorate General of Posts, Republic of China. $4 from Don Alexander, Norman, OK, through eBay, Dec., '03.

What a beautiful envelope! A fisherman seems to run into a snipe, a clam, and a tortoise. This overall picture thus represents two of the fables well. The four fables in the stamps (and their worth) are:

1) A Frog in a Well (5)

2) The Fox Borrows the Tiger's Ferocity (5)

3) Adding Legs to a Drawing of a Snake (12)

4) The Snipe and the Clam Are at a Deadlock (19)