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Niger FDC Envelopes

1972 On November 23, 1972, the Republic of Niger issued a set of air mail stamps in honor of Jean de la Fontaine, including the three specimens pictured below, each on a first day cover and each in a numbered series of 2000. $30 from Alexandre Przopiorski, August, '99.

The stamps in each case seem to include three colors, one of which is black and one brown. A strong brown foreground stands against a sketchier blue or green background. Are there more in the series?

Click on the small image to see a larger version.

Le Corbeau et le Renard, #523 of 2000. 25 F.

Le Lion et le Rat, #884 of 2000. 50 F.

Le Singe et le Léopard, #652 of 2000. 75 F.