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Niger Imperforate Set

1972 On November 23, 1972, the Republic of Niger issued a set of air mail stamps in honor of Jean de la Fontaine, including the three imperforate proof specimens pictured below. $5.95 from Roger Lemieux, Fort Worth, TX, through eBay, August, '05.

First, "Le Corbeau et le Renard," 25 F. Second, "Le Lion et le Rat," 50 F. Third, "Le Singe et le Léopard," 75 F. The stamps in each case seem to include three colors, black, brown, and green. A strong brown foreground seems to stand against a sketchier green background.

Click on the small image to see a larger version.

Le Corbeau et le Renard, 25 F.

Le Lion et le Rat, 50 F.

Le Singe et le Léopard, 75 F.