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Sarreguemines DV

1980? Four plates 7" in diameter, each presenting a full-color humorous scene from a La Fontaine fable: GA, FC, FS, and WL. On the back of each is "Sarreguemines, France" with "D.V." superimposed. $35 from Larry Roberts, Pasadena, CA, May, '01.Click on any image to see a larger view.

La Cigale et la fourmi Apparently we are in the fall. The ant in his scarf is rubbing his hands behind a tree, as leaves fall from the tree. I think the artist's intent here is to have the ant cold in his winter clothes, while the cicada is still doing fine in his light clothes. In any case, this cicada is a hippy with "Love" on his t-shirt and long hair on his head.

Le Corbeau et le renard Here the cheese, dropped by the crow, has landed on the fox's head and made a major bump. The fox is still dizzy from the experience. This kind of humor, which I have found frequently on French post cards, I find here for the first time on tableware.

Le Loup et l'agneau Like the other plates, this presentation presumes that a viewer knows the standard story. Then the plate can present a surprise. The surprise here is that the lamb is waiting for the wolf with a big club behind his wolly little back.

Le Renard et la cigogne The joke here is that the fox has a straw ready to work on the vases in which the stork is preparing to serve the meal. This fox has read his fables! Do not miss Mademoiselle Stork's high-heeled shoes. She is, after all, a female in the French language.