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Spode Blue Room Reproduction Group

spodeaesopmark2.jpg (10066 bytes)

1998? A platter, several plates, and a cup, each marked: "The Spode Blue Room Collection, Traditions Series, "Aesop's Fables," First Introduced c. 1831. Underglaze print from a hand engraved copper plate. Spode. England."

Apparently Spode has begun a nostalgia replica series recently. It surprises me how suddenly these related items have sprung up on Ebay. One of the blue plates is still in its styrofoam casing. I think I lost track, in the midst of my summer travels, on whether I had already landed a blue plate. I am not really seeking a full service for eight! For me the most appealing piece visually is the platter. The dog clutches his bone but is right down at water level and ready to pounce!

Spode plattermini2.jpg (6046 bytes)

Platter, 10" x 7", showing DS. $25 from Gayle Hoyle, Kingston, WA, through Ebay, Dec., '99.

spode blueplatemini.jpg (7629 bytes)

Three blue plates, 10" in diameter, showing "The Lion and the Fox" in two scenes, the first in the foreground with a cringing fox and the second in the background with the fox facing the lion. $9.99 from John Harper, Chesterton, Newcastle, England, through Ebay, August, '99; $22.50 from Paula Brickhouse, East Amherst, NY, through Ebay, Sept., '99; and $19.99 from Darlene Furlong, Menominee, MI, through Ebay, Oct., '99.

Spode pink platemini.jpg (6397 bytes)

One pink plate, with the same dimensions and designs but in pink. Its back reads as the others with one change in the first phrase: "The Spode Archive Collection" (emphasis mine). $15 from Walter Fisette at the Craftsmen's Gallery, Manchester, CT, through Ebay, Oct., '99.

One green plate, with the same dimensions and designs as the pink and blue. Its back reads, as does the pink plate's, "The Spode Archive Collection." $9.99 from KeyStrokes, Lebanon, CT, through Ebay, August, '00.


2006 Two identical mugs, boxed in "Spode Blue Room" boxes with applied seals "Archive Aesop's Fables Mug, 0.5L, 16oz."  Information on the bottom of the mug says "First introduced c. 1830."  "Dishwasher, Freezer, Microwave Safe."

The design on this cup features, in blue, a simple scene of a lion (?) and a fox apparently simply looking at each other.  My best guess is that the scene depicted is that of the fox that first approached the lion and ran away with fear.  A second time he came closer.  The third time he came right up and addressed him. 

Spode cup left2mini.jpg (2389 bytes)Spode cup right3mini.jpg (2510 bytes)

One cup, almost 3" high and 3" in diameter, showing the tortoise and hare with the fox perhaps as starter for the race. $15 from Donna Roark at The Scarlet Ibis in McKinney, Texas, through Ebay, August, '99.

spodeparsleyjar3bmini.jpg (8907 bytes)

One spice jar, 4" high and 2" in diameter. The fox faces the tortoise and hare, perhaps at the start of their race. The design is in fact identical with that on the cup, but some of the space between the fox and the other pair is removed on the smaller jar. The jar is marked "Parsley" at its top, and the floral pattern of the top of the cylinder is repeated on the separate lid. $26 from Nona Thompson, Stewartstown, PA, through Ebay, Feb.,' 00.