2011 All Things Ignatian

2011 All Things Ignatian -- Inaugural Year

The inaugural year of Creighton University's "All Things Ignatian" poster event for the campus community!


2011 Posters



Magis Productions: Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Magis Productions

Don Doll, S.J.

Magis Productions: Working with Native Americans

Magis Productions

Don Doll, S.J.

Magis Productions: Supporting International Jesuit Refugee Web Development

Magis Productions

Don Doll, S.J.

Lights, Camera, Theology


Carol Zuegner

Creighton's Online Retreat

Collaborative Ministry

Andy Alexander, S.J.

Migrant Journey Service Learning

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Ricardo Ariza

Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher Education


Roger Bergman

Lakota Immersion Program

Lakota Immersion

Raymond Bucko, S.J.

Encuentro Dominicano: "Putting Men and Women With and For Others Into Action"

Encuentro Dominicano

Kyle Woolley

Charisms in Student Teaching

Department of Education

Ramona Bartee

Ignation Faculty-Staff-Student Retreats: Effective Leaders in the Jesuit Tradition

Department of Education

Jeff Smith

Northeast India Study Abroad Trip

Department of Education

Sharon Ishii-Jordan

Magis Catholic Teacher Corps: A Catholic Service Teaching Program in the Educaton Department

Department of Education

Colleen Keller 

Creighton Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Russ Perry

Finding God in the Health Sciences Library

Health Sciences Library

Siobhan Champ-Blackwell

Heartland Jesuit Physics Retreat

Department of Physics

Michael Cherney

Physics Departmental Retreat

 Department of Physics

Eric Hauger

Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC)


Holly Fuller

Confronting Social Justice of Water Quality and Public Health through a Service-Learning Program in the Dominican Republic


Gary Michels

Physical Therapy in the DR: Men and Women for and With Others


Julie Ekstrom

ILAC Dental: Creighton Dental Students and Faculty provide dental care in the Dominican Republic


Terry Wilwerding

One World - Creighton Dental Clinics: Creighton Dental Students and Faculty Provide Dental Care in Volunteer Evening Clinics

School of Dentistry 

Terry Wilwerding

Dental Student Perspectives of Ignation Values through Service-Learning

School of Dentistry 

Kelly Gould

Connecting Community and Scholarship: Center for Health Policy & Ethics connects Scholar with community members

Center for Health Policy & Ethics

Center for Health Policy & Ethics 

A Community Outreach Clinical Rotation: Health Promotion Opportunities for Pharmacy Student

Office of Interprofessional Scholarship, Service & Education (OISSE)

Ann Ryan Haddad

Promoting Children's Health: An Afterschool Health Literacy Program

Office of Interprofessional Scholarship, Service & Education (OISSE)

Ann Ryan Haddad 

Forming Moral Agents in Health: Linking Health Care with Social Responsibility

Office of Interprofessional Scholarship, Service & Education (OISSE)

TM Cochran 

CU Faculty Seminar on Jesuit Higher Education in the 21st Century

Center for Health Policy & Ethics

 Jos Welie

Mass of the Holy Spirit: A Celebration of the Spirit Around and Within Us

Campus Ministry

Tony Ward


Campus Ministry 

Marie Hilton 

Justice Walking

Campus Ministry 

Jennifer Kennedy-Croft

Emerging Leaders Program: Heroic Leadership in the Ignation Tradition from the Student Activities Office

Student Activities Office 

Eric Immel

Assessing Social Responsibility in Health Professions Students: Professional Formation in the Ignatian Context

Health Professions

L Black

Development of a Collaborative Entry-Level Doctorate of Occupational Therapy Distance Program at the University of Alaska Anchorage

Occupational Therapy

Al Bracciano

Ignatian Discernment in Career Center Counseling

Career Center 

Linda Dunn

Investigations of Calcium and Vitamin D to Improve Human Health

Internal Medicine 

Joan Lappe

Creighton University Retreat Center

Creighton University Retreat Center

David Smith, S.J.

Center for Student Integrity: Choosing to be a positive, productive, and committed part of our community

Center for Student Integrity

Desiree Nownes

Ignation Advocacy: How the Creighton Center for Service and Justice Strives to Live out the Call to Ignation Advocacy

Center for Service & Justice 

Ken Reed-Bouley

Service and Justice Trips

Center for Service & Justice

Jeff Peak

Jesuit Mission/Identity & Ignatian Pedagogy Blueline Course

 Jesuit Mission & Identity 

Diane Jorgensen

The Magis Clinic: Free clinics and special events provided by Creighton medical student and physician volunteers

School of Medicine 

Danielle Thurtle 

Project CURA: A student run Creighton University School of Medicine organization that sends Medical Students both abroad and locally to work, treat, and help the underserved

School of Medicine 

Omar Viswanath 

Vital Signs of Mentoring Program

School of Medicine

Michelle Millard

Effect of an Educational Intervention on Incorporation of Ignatian Values into Continuing Medical Education at a Jesuit Medical School

School of Medicine

Sally O'Neill

The Heart Ministry Health Center: Caring for one another enabled us to genuinely care for others


Kim Begley

Finding God in All things: A Four-Part Lenten Retreat Series

Campus Ministry

Shannon Smith

Gates Mentoring Program: Assisting high school students with the Gates millennium Scholarship application and college process

Student Support Services

Jessica Swisher 

Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Karen Thurber

Jesuit Business in Las Vegas


Andy Gustafson

VITA Tax Clinic - Winnebago, NE


Tom Purcell

Community Assistance Teams


Maryanne Rouse

Folic Acid Promotion in the Spanish-speaking Community


Alicia Vanden Bosch

ILAC Pharmacy Program

Pharmacy - ILAC

Alicia Vanden Bosch

Poverty in America

Senior Perspective Course

Alice Smith

Pharmacists for Patient Safety


Jennifer Faber

Making Time for God In SPAHP: 5 Minute Ignation Exercises


Jenny Tilleman

Catholic Comments Podcast: Informing Your Faith

Department of Theology

John O'Keefe

Cortina Community

Department of Residence Life

Emily Hunt

Community Partners: A mutual relationship between residence halls and community agencies

Department of Residence Life

Dusten Crichton

When I was Hungry: Integrating Learning & Service

School of Nursing

Beth Furlong

The School of Nursing's Commitment

School of Nursing

Susan Tinley

Forge Ahead!  Blacksmithing as a Means for Teaching Science, Art, and Job Skills


Brian Henriksen

All Things Ignation: Creighton University Partners in Mission

University Mission

 Dick Hauser, S.J.

The Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

School of Law

Mary Lee Brock 

Street Law

School of Law

David Weber 

Law School Dominican Republic Immersion Trips

School of Law

Ronald Volkmer