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William F. Rigge, SJ, Papers

William F. Rigge, S.J., was born September 9, 1857, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He completed his grade school education at St. Xavier College (Cincinnati) in 1870 and joined the Society of Jesus in 1875. As a young scholastic (i.e., a Jesuit who has not completed his final vows), Rigge came to Omaha in 1878 along with Father Roman Shaffel and three other Jesuit scholastics to open the new Creighton College. In 1881, Father Rigge left Omaha for his theological and academic studies. He kept in touch through correspondence and visits with his older brother, Joseph F. Rigge, S.J., who taught science at Creighton between 1885 and 1893. After damaging his eyesight while obtaining a Ph.D. from Georgetown University, William was again assigned to Creighton in 1896 for a distinguished career as a teacher and scientist. His research, much of which involved the Creighton Observatory, was published widely and earned him local and international recognition. Creighton remained his home until his death on March 31, 1927.

The William F. Rigge, SJ, Papers in the Creighton University Archives contain many of Father Rigge's published writings, some of which are available online, and some of his research notes. The collection also contains several drafts of his Memoirs, which are really more of a history of Creighton's first fifty years, and which he was unable to complete before his death. Several drafts of his Memoirs are available online, but based on all the manuscripts available to us and the Note from the Editors, we believe our uploaded copy is Rigge's most recent revision before his death. We are working to add more of his publications to our online database so the public can access them.



This time line brings together the various current locations of Rigge's publications, and is incomplete. Currently our sources for the publications are as follows: The Creighton Chronicle, The Creighton Courier, other Creighton publications, St. Michael's Almanac, Technology Quarterly, Scientific American, Science, Popular Astronomy, American Catholic Quarterly Review, The Report of the Proceedings and Addresses of the Seventh Annual Meeting of The Catholic Educational Association, The Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, and The American Mathematical Monthly. Some sources are scans of reprints, while others are scans of originals. Reprints are indicated in the credit underneath the image of the publication.

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