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History of Creighton University (1878-1927)

In addition to his work in the sciences, Father William Rigge attempted to chronicle Creighton's first half century in Memoirs intended for publication during Creighton's golden anniversary celebrations in 1928.  Father Rigge died before his Memoirs were completed, and his manuscript underwent many revisions.  One version appeared in serial form in the Creighton Alumnus magazine in the 1930s, which several decades later was made available online in digital form.  However, a later version of Father Rigge's Memoirs (i.e., a revision of the one published in the Creighton Alumnus) is in the Rigge Collection of the University Archives.  The later version is considered to be more accurate as it includes many factual corrections made by Father Rigge as well as stylistic changes to the published version.

University Archives staff produced an updated version with Father Rigge's revisions, with an explanatory footnote for each change.  Since this incorporates Father Rigge's last-known factual and stylistic corrections, it is believed to be the most accurate version available. 

The University Archives also discovered a series of maps of the Creighton that show the physical changes on campus from 1878 to 1927.  These maps correspond directly to Memoirs Chapter 3, "Growth of the Campus and the Buildings" and likely were prepared by, or under the instruction of, Father Rigge.

Father Rigge, digital files

Rigge, S.J., William F., Memoirs (unpublished; last draft, 1927)   

    Notes from editor, written May 2008 and updated March 2012

    Maps created by Rigge to show stages of campus expansion:

        1878 - 1887

        1888 - 1901

        1902 - 1907

        1907 - 1924

        1925 - 1928