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The Saint John's Bible


Birth of Christ, by Donald Jackson, was displayed at the 2017 Christmas Eve Mass at St. John's Church on Creighton's campus.



We at Creighton are fortunate to have a Heritage Edition of The Saint John's Bible on campus thanks to Mike and Nancy McCarthy, who have kindly loaned their set to the Creighton community through June 2019.  The Heritage Edition, when not in use for events around campus, is available for viewing in the Rare Books Room on the main level of Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library.  Creighton classes, departments, organizations and alumni, as well as groups from outside of Creighton, have visited the Rare Books Room to engage with the sacred art and text.


The timeline below presents highlights, some with links to galleries and videos, of the Heritage Edition at Creighton. (Some galleries are up, and we hope to have more soon.) We also offer a brief introduction for those who are unfamiliar with The Saint John's Bible or the Heritage Edition program.