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Since 2006, the AWC has focused on building bridges between Asia and the West through rigorous scholarship, academic programs, and hosting public events, lectures, and presentations by distinguished guests from across the globe.

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Asian World Center Presents: Creighton Student Perspectives on Asian American Culture

Continuing the theme of inspirational Asian American stories, six Creighton students will share their experiences and appreciation of Asian American culture virtually. The panel is organized by the Asian World Center, with support from the Department of Political Science and International Relations and the University Non-Western Study Program. Their stories are featured in Creighton Today.

Panelists and Topics:

Alex J. DiMartini: “Growing Up in Singapore: An American College Student Story”

Joseph R. Hoff: “High School Memory: Bonding Together with My Asian American Friends”

Aina Racoma: “Sharing Success and Inspiration: A Story about My Asian American Family”

Angelle Mai Le: “Dedication and Sacrifice: My Future as a Proud Asian American”

Taylor Tokos: “Role of Asian Americans on Politics: A Graduating Senior’s Reflection”

Alvin Pham: “Grateful to Be Surrounded by People Who Are So Receptive to My Culture”