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Student Tuition Statements

Tuition Statements are sent periodically throughout the semester. Students and their Authorized Parties will receive an e-Bill notification when the statement becomes available. The statement can be viewed via NEST by the student or via Nelnet for an Authorized Party.

Statements will be sent to each student registered for courses prior to the beginning of each semester.  The balance for each semester is due no later than the first day of class for the respective semester.

  • Summer statements are sent early May.
  • Fall statements are sent mid-July.
  • Winter statements are sent early December.
  • Spring statements are sent late December.
  • If you have signed up for the Payment Plan and receive a statement notification your Payment Plan needs to be updated.  Payment Plans DO NOT update automatically.

What's on My Statement?

Your Tuition Statement will include the following where applicable:

  • Tuition
  • University, Program, Course Specific, and/or Lab Fees
  • Special Books & Materials Fees
  • Health Insurance Charges
    • Creighton University mandates that all full time students be covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan for the entire academic year.  It is the responsibility of each student to submit proof of comparable insurance coverage by completing the online waiver process on the NEST by the Last Payment Date for Fall annually for each academic year.  The Business Office will receive notification from Student Health Services to remove this fee if the waiver has been approved.
  • Room & Board Charges
  • Parking Permit Fees
  • POM Device Fees
  • Medical School Yearbook Fee
    • The yearbook fee is charged to all 4th year School of Medicine students on their Fall semester statement.  If the student does not wish to receive a yearbook, they must complete the online waiver process on the NEST by the Last Payment Date for Fall.  Failure to complete the waiver by the deadline will result in the student being responsible for the payment of this fee.  No late waivers will be accepted. For further information on the distribution of the yearbook, please contact your Class President.
  • Expected Future Payments (payments planned through the successful enrollment in the Payment Plan)
  • Scholarships, Grant, and Loans that are expected or have already been applied to the account
    • It is important that you check with the Financial Aid Office to ensure that all of your loan requirements have been completed and your loan will be processed on time.
  • Important Information regarding your statement

When is My Balance Due?

Tuition payments are due no later than the first day of class.  The Last Payment Date is set for each official semester and may be viewed on our main page at any time. Any payment received after this date or a Payment Plan created after this date is subject to Late Payment Fees.

In the event that a student registers for courses after the Last Payment Date, the new balance is due at the time of registration.

Opus Hall and Davis Square Housing Due Dates
12-month contracts require payment for Summer housing during the Summer term as outlined below. Students are able to pay for their Summer balances using the ?monthly? dates OR the ?semester? dates. During the regular school year, housing is due by the first day of the term.


Due Dates for Payment in Full by Semester

Due Dates for Payment in Full by Month


May 22

May 22
June 1
July 1


August 27

Not Available


January 21

Not Available

Failure to receive a statement is not an acceptable reason for not meeting the Last Payment Date deadline.  If you are having trouble viewing your statement, please contact us.

What are My Payment Options?

Creighton University offers several methods of payment for your convenience.  Please check our Payment Options page for more details!

How do My Parents (or Others) Login to View My Information?

The Family Education Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA) was put in place to protect the privacy of student education records.  Creighton University's Business Office cannot discuss or provide financial information to parents or others without the student's electronic authorization.

Students can grant parents, legal guardians, or other third parties access by making them an Authorized User both in the NEST and in Nelnet.  This two-step process will allow the alternate parties to call in or email the Business Office with questions, retrieve real-time balances, receive statement notifications, view the statements produced, set up a Payment Plan, and make one-time payments.

Students will need to follow these instructions completely to enroll their alternate parties.  Click here.

It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the party responsible for paying their tuition and fees either receives a copy of the tuition billing statement or has been granted access as an Authorized Party to ensure their tuition bill is paid on time.

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