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Helen S . Chapple, PhD, RN, MSN



School of Medicine
Bioethics (Graduate Certificate)
Clinical Ethics Consultation (Graduate Certificate)
Public Health MPH (Master's)
Bioethics (Master of Science)
Medical Humanities

Helen S . Chapple, PhD, RN, MSN


Bio for Helen Stanton Chapple, PhD, RN, MA, MSN
Helen S. Chapple, a professor at Creighton University, teaches online in the Masters in Bioethics Program. Her 20 years as a bedside nurse included oncology, hospice, research, and ICU nursing. Current research interests include dying persons as an unrepresented population; US racial history and the pandemic; and relating solidarity and autonomy.  She authored “No Place for Dying: Hospitals and the Ideology of Rescue,” published by Routledge, and co-edited the 3rd edition of “The Handbook of Thanatology.”
Dr. Chapple’s terminal degree is a PhD in Medical Anthropology from UVa.  She has been writing and teaching in the areas of ethics and thanatology for 30 years, focusing on the phenomenon of dying in the culture of US health care and its demographics, and she has published articles, books, and book chapters along the way.  A current interest is the correlation between terror management theory and group status threat among white persons in the US and its explanatory potential.

Teaching Interests

  • Medical Anthropology

Research Focus

End of life care;  health facility policies; white superiority and vaccine hesitancy; terror management theory; state regulation of post mortem care.


Medical Humanities




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Editing and Reviews

  • Handbook of Thanatology, 3rd Edition
    Heather L. Servaty-Seib, Helen Stanton Chapple Handbook of Thanatology, 3rd Edition, The Essential Body of Knowledge for the Study of Death, Dying, and Bereavement. Recruited authors, edited submitted chapters, submitted manuscript for peer review. Book is overview of the domains of expertise in the field of thanatology. It follows the Body of Knowledge Outline developed by the Association for Death Education and Counseling. The book is 23 chapters plus introduction., p. 1-650 2021
  • Hastings Center Report
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  • International Journal of Ethics Education
    John R. Stone, Chapple, H.S, Haddad, A., Lux, S., Rentmeester, C. A. Discussion in Graduate Online Bioethics Programs
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  • Eviscerating Public Health Norms: Group Status Threat and Social Media Disruptors with Heather Servaty-Seib 2022
  • Invited guest lecturer, Washington University in St. Louis, Hospital Ethnography class, David Ansari, IOR 2021
  • Standing Up in Solidarity to the Terror of Death, 12th Biennial Baylor Scott & White Bereavement Conference, Dallas, TX, October 1 (live but virtual). 2021
  • When Two Profiles Converged and Exploded: Covid in the US 2020 to incoming freshmen at Creighton For and With Others: Day of Service, Welcome Week 2021
  • The Handbook of Thanatology, 3rd Edition: An Update for the Association for Death Education and Counseling 42nd Annual Conference, Columbus OH, virtual, with Heather Servaty-Seib. 2021
  • When Two Low Profiles Converged and Exploded: Covid in the US 2020 for Medicine Grand Rounds, Creighton University 2020
  • Pain Scales Revisited for the 18th Annual Pain Management Conference, Creighton University and CHI Health 2020
  • Dying and the Critical Present as part of invited panel presentation: Carol Carfang Nursing and Healthcare Ethics Conference, Duquesne University, Clearwater, FL, 2020
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  • Death Denial as a Refusal of Meaning: Shifting the Burden to Nurses for the Association for Death Education and Counseling 41st Annual Conference, Atlanta. 2019
  • Conversations About God Forbid, for the Nebraska LEAD Program Social Issues Seminar, Omaha 2019