IM Sports Captains

WEATHER INFO: 280-1703

Captain/Manager of the Year

  • 2007-2008 David Soma
  • 2006-2007 Jeremy Wozny
  • 2005-2006 Paul Lewis

IM Sports Captains

Welcome! Today is May 26, 2015.


The leadership qualities of the team captain are a major component of a successful Intramural Sports program.   The captain is responsible for not only registering his or her team but they serve as the liaison between the Intramural Sports Office and their team.

The team captain is responsible:

·         To attend a captain’s meeting if required.

·         To know and understand the game rules and Intramural Sport Policies.

·         To verify that each team member is eligible to play Intramural Sports.

·         To set a positive example by playing within the spirit of the rules and exhibit a high level of sportsmanship

·         To relay information to the entire team.

·         To address player conduct situations and incidents before the game Officials or Supervisor must step in and deal with the situation.

·         To acknowledge that the referees are not professionals, but rather fellow students and accept that having amateur and inexperienced officials, there will be inconsistencies and/or discrepancies in their calls throughout the course of a game, season, and the play-offs. 

·          To accept the Creighton University Intramural Sports doctrine of “Zero Tolerance” in terms of personally derogatory, insulting, and inappropriate language/behavior towards the program’s student officials and supervisors. 

·         To agree to treat the Student Officials with the same respect we would treat our own teammates and understand that failure to treat the officials respectfully can result in the expulsion from the league/play-offs of offending individuals/teams. 

·         To pledge to intercede, restrain and chastise any teammate(s)/fans/coaches who begin to talk negatively to any official.