Our Mission

The Creighton Career Center is committed to assisting students and alumni in exploring, developing and implementing career goals that reflect their unique roles in the world of work and their commitment to a life of service to others. 

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Encouraging a process of self-assessment that provides an awareness of and an appreciation for a value-centered work life.  Services include: individual and counseling, career exploration materials, and career assessments.
  • Empowering students and alumni by providing a thorough understanding of the career planning process.  Services include: resume/cover letter writing, job search strategies, researching graduate/professional schools, interviewing techniques, and building networks.
  • Providing an awareness of and exposure to the dynamic, ever-changing nature of the world of work.  Services include: career fairs, internships, mentoring programs, career related part-time jobs, volunteer opportunities, and career resource materials.
  • Providing opportunities to implement career goals.  Services include: on-campus recruiting program, job listings, career fairs, resume referral, and internet employment sites.


Personal Discernment & Planning

  • Career Assessments & Counseling
  • Career & Major Exploration
  • Freshman Orientation: Introduction to the Career Center

Career Empowerment

  • Career Library (materials on occupations, industries, employment trends, corporate information, salary surveys and labor market information.)
  • Presentations, Seminars, and Workshops on Career Discernment and Values-Centered Work
  • Interviewing Tips and Practice Interviews
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing

Career & Volunteer Opportunities for Learning

  • Creighton Business Symposium (in association with the College of Business)
  • The NEXUS Non-Profit Internship Program
  • The Pre-Med Seminar Program & the EDGE program
  • Volunteer, Summer and Part-time Opportunities
  • Internship Programs in Collaboration with Academic Departments 

Career Coaching and Making Connections

  • Career Fairs (Fall and Spring)
  • Graduate & Professional School Information and Assistance 
  • Jobs4Jays (Online Internships, Full-time Career, and Part-time Job Listings available)
  • On-Campus Interviewing & Recruiting in the Creighton Career Center
  • Network Resources (Creighton University LinkedIn group, Nebraska College Career Services Association, the Jesuit Career Consortium, and the Big East Career Consortium)
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