Benefits of Internships for EMPLOYERS:

  • Pipeline of quality candidates to fill entry-level needs
  • Source of fresh and diverse talent for new insight and ideas
  • Opportunity to select, train and influence the best and brightest
  • Gain early exposure to future corporate leaders
  • Intern recruiting aligned with college recruiting efforts
  • Interns act as advocates in recruiting other students (brand ambassadors)
  • Project help; reduce workload (part-time/short-term hiring)
  • Improve efficiency, morale and motivation
  • Promotes community involvement; great public relations
  • Maintain important connections with colleges
  • Training and development opportunity for managers and mentors
  • Opportunity to evaluate and screen students prior to making a full-time offer
  • Rapid assimilation into full-time positions (shorter learning curve)
  • Higher retention rate for former interns

Benefits of Internships for STUDENTS:

  • Meaningful work experience related to field of study and major
  • Exposure to real-world scenarios in the workplace
  • Experience complements theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom
  • Receive academic credit
  • Competitive compensation and benefits package
  • Professional, social and volunteer activities for networking
  • Commitment and assignment management
  • Helps students build resume
  • Recruiting, assessment and selection experience
  • Orientation and assimilation
  • Career development and performance management
  • Mentoring and coaching; training and development
  • Senior conversion into full-time position

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