Helpful Advice for Parents

One of the most valuable things parents can do to help a student with career planning is listen: be open to ideas, try to help your student find information, and be nonjudgmental.  Here are 10 ways you can help: 

  1. Encourage your child to visit the Creighton Career Center.  Services offered include: Career Assessments, Career Advice, Career Fairs, Career Libraries, Employer Information Sessions, Job and Internship Listings, Job Search Assistance, Resume
    and Cover Letter Workshops, Mock Interviews, Alumni
    Networking, and Advising (career and academic). 
  2. Advise your student to write a resume.
  3. Challenge your student to explore and research several careers and industries.
  4. Allow your student to make their own career decisions.
  5. Emphasize the importance of internships.
  6. Encourage extracurricular activities.
  7. Persuade your student to stay up-to-date with current events and career trends. 
  8. Expose your child to the world of work (introduce your professional careers and contacts).
  9. Teach the value of networking.
  10. Help your career center.  Post jobs and internships from your company or join the alumni network.
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