The Job Market and Outlook for Students

Dear Creighton Parents:
As the Creighton Career Center Director, Id like to share with you a few comments about the job market for your students in these uncertain economic times.  This fall semester, the Career Center has not slowed down at all with regard to the number of employers on-campus; the number of internships were listing on-line; and the continued interest on the part of employers in hiring our Creighton students.  
We certainly expect a slowdown in the coming months, but the Midwest in general, and the Greater Omaha area specifically, is still very solid with regard to opportunities for college students and upcoming graduates.  Quite frankly, our employers love Creighton students!  What this means is that when employers trim the number of schools where they regularly recruit, we will be one of the last schools that they eliminate from their list. 
When the economy softens, a very typical reaction on the part of college graduates is to opt for graduate school instead of pursuing entry-level employment.  While additional education is always a great idea, to pursue an advanced degree solely because of a perception that the job market is difficult, is a bad strategy.  Unless students are pursuing professional degrees immediately on the heels of their undergraduate degrees, it is almost always a better idea to get a few years of work experience first, before pursuing that graduate degree.  
If youd like to contact me by phone or e-mail, please see the information below.  

James Bretl, M.S.
Director, Creighton Career Center
(402) 280-3060 (w)

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