Computer based test offered year round in many locations including Omaha. The DAT consists of four sections.  The test is administered in just under five hours. The DAT consists of four sections consisting of the following:

Survey of Natural Sciences
The Survey of Natural Sciences section includes questions intended to test your knowledge in the areas of Biology, General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

Perceptual Ability Test
The Perceptual Ability Test includes various types of non-verbal perceptual test items.  One part of this section covers two-dimension perception, the other three-dimension perception.

Reading Comprehension
The Reading Comprehension Section is similar conceptually to reading comprehension tests you might have taken before.  You respond to multiple choice topics based on a reading passage.  The Reading Comprehension section contains passages typical of the material that might be read in dental school.

Quantitative Reasoning
The Quantitative Reasoning section measures the ability to reason with numbers, to manipulate numerical relationships, and deal intelligently with quantitative materials.

The DAT gives you four scores, one for each section.  These scores range from 1 to 30.  While there are no specific minimum scores graduate programs look for, most are usually looking for consistently high scores across all four sections.  A score of 17 typically signifies average performance on a national basis.

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