In today's competitive job market, there's no substitute for practical work experience.  Getting meaningful work experience in your major field of study or career interest should be a number one priority - a vital part of college.

Internships allow you to get your foot in the door, build your resume, earn money for college expenses, make valuable contacts, and much more.  Recruiters want students who have internship work experience on their resumes.

Benefits of Internships for STUDENTS:

  • Job experience; meaningful work assignments related to field of study and major
  • Exposure to real-world scenarios in the workplace
  • Experience complements theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom
  • Receive academic credit
  • Competitive compensation and benefits package
  • Professional, social and volunteer activities for networking
  • Commitment and assignment management
  • Helps students build resume
  • Recruiting, assessment and selection experience
  • Orientation and assimilation
  • Career development and performance management
  • Mentoring and coaching; training and development
  • Senior conversion into full-time position

Benefits of Internships for EMPLOYERS:

  • Pipeline of quality candidates to fill entry-level needs
  • Source of fresh and diverse talent for new insight and ideas
  • Opportunity to select, train and influence the best and brightest
  • Gain early exposure to future corporate leaders
  • Intern recruiting aligned with college recruiting efforts
  • Interns act as advocates in recruiting other students (brand ambassadors)
  • Project help; reduce workload (part-time/short-term hiring)
  • Improve efficiency, morale and motivation
  • Promotes community involvement; great public relations
  • Maintain important connections with colleges
  • Training and development opportunity for managers and mentors
  • Opportunity to evaluate and screen students prior to making a full-time offer
  • Rapid assimilation into full-time positions (shorter learning curve)
  • Higher retention rate for former interns

To participate in on-campus interviews for internships, be included in resume referrals to employers, and/or to receive targeted e-mail messages about special internship opportunities, register and upload your resume in the Jobs4Jays system. 

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