Student Outcomes


99% success rate for graduates

Creighton graduates have an overall success rate of 98% within 6 months based on our new graduate survey with a 75% knowledge rate (2017-2018).

The immediate employment and enrollment of our students into fast-track jobs and top-level graduate and professional schools is impressive.

Creighton University keeps track of its students and is committed to assisting each of them in career planning and development. View or download the career outcomes documents below for recent graduates: 

University-wide Outcomes

College of Arts and Sciences Outcomes

College of Arts and Sciences Outcomes:

CCAS Outcomes Infographic

  • Social and Applied Sciences Departments (Education, Communications Studies, Economics, Journalism, Media and Computer Science, Justice & Peace Studies, Justice and Society, Military Science, Political Science & International Relations, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, and Health Administration and Policy)
  • Humanities and Fine Arts Departments (American Studies, Fine and Performing Arts, African Studies, Black Studies, Native American Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Modern Languages and Literatures, Classical and Near Eastern Studies, English, History, Philosophy, Theology)
  • Natural Science Departments (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, Exercise Science and Pre-Health Professions, Energy Technology and Atmospheric Sciences)

Heider College of Business Outcomes

College of Nursing Outcomes

College of Nursing Outcomes:

Nursing Outcomes Infographic

Historical University-wide Outcomes