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Join Us --- May 31 - June 3, 2012 - Loyola Marymount University - Los Angeles, California


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June 1 -- 4, 2011 -- Creighton University -- Omaha, Nebraska 

Transformational Learning: Engaging Education in a Global World

You are invited to join our engaging and reflective conversations on "Transformational Learning" as part of the larger 2011 International Institute for SoTL Scholars and Mentors (formerly the CASTL Summer Institute).  Fostering transformational learning is about teaching for change; as originally introduced by Mezirow, transformative learning is the process by which we call into question our taken for granted frames of reference so that they may generate beliefs and opinions that will prove more true or justified to guide action.  Transformational education has since become "a movement that encourages the recovery and development of much of the academy as a liberating and capacity-building environment" (Palmer & Zajonc, 2010, p. vii).

This year's theme therefore invites an exploration of:  engaging traditional, returning, and non-traditional students in transformational ways to equip them to succeed in today's global world; engaging faculty in reflection as an agent of transformational learning; and engaging institutions of higher learning to challenge themselves to consider how "high impact" educational practices invite, require, or mandate an opportunity for transformative learning. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) serves as a useful lens by which to examine our taken for granted assumptions and aptly frames an exploration of educational practices capable of transforming our traditional, returning, and non-traditional students learning experiences, both inside and outside the traditional classrooms and laboratories.

The institute and this year's theme encourage inter- and multi-disciplinary conversations and invite a variety of disciplinary and methodological studies.  Consider sharing your work as a scholar or joining the conversation as an active participant at the June Institute!

*To hear faculty refection on their CASTL experiences, click on the links below:

Alice Smith - SoTL as Reflective Lens on Teaching

Joy Doll and Kathy Flecky - SoTL as Culture: Program Development/Professional Scholarship

Gintaras Duda -SoTL as Classroom (Teaching/Learning) Innovation

Eileen Burke-Sullivan - SoTL as Faculty Development

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