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African Studies is an interdisciplinary program leading to a minor.

African Studies as a Minor:
Completion of the minor in African Studies requires completion of: AFS/BKS/HIS 106; AFS/BKS/PLS 311; AFS/ANT/BKS 342; AFS/BKS/ENG 390; and 12 additional hours of courses included in the African Studies Program.

Program Director:  Dr. Baba Jallow, Department of History, 

AFS 106

The African World (3) I II (Same as BKS/HIS 106)

AFS 307

Demography: World Population Issues (3) 1, ONY (Same as SOC/ANT/EVS307)

AFS 311

Politics of Africa (3) AY (Same as BKS/PLS311)

AFS 317

Global Health Issues (3) II, Ay (Same as ANT/HAP317)

AFS 342

Peoples and Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa (3) AY (Same as ANT/BKS 342)

AFS 347

Peoples and Cultures of Africa and the Middle East (3) AY (Same as ANT/BKS 347)

AFS 356

Christianity in Africa (3) OD (Same as BKS/THL 356)

AFS 388

Origins of Modern Africa (3) AY (Same as BKS/HIS 388)

AFS 390

Introduction to African Literature (3) (Same as BKS/ENG 390)

AFS 398

Literature of Francophone Africa (3) II (Same as BKS/ENG 398)

AFS 400

Seminar in African Studies (3) OD
Seminars are offered on special topics related to African Studies.  May be repeated under different subtitles.

AFS 484

Nationalist Movements in Colonial Africa (3) II (Same as BKS/HIS 484)

AFS 485

History of West Africa (3) OD (Same as BKS/HIS 487)

AFS 489

Southern Africa:  The Politics of Race (3) OD (Same as BKS/HIS 489)

AFS 493

Directed Independent Readings (3) OD
Individualized program of reading in an area of special interest under the direction of a faculty member.

AFS 495

Directed Independent Research (3) OD