About AWC


The Asian World Center was founded in 2006 and is focused on constructing and engaging in a unique relationship among the cultures of Asia and those of the Western world. Through comparative study, collaborative research, and intercultural exchange, the Center takes a multifaceted and comprehensive approach towards the education of the self and society. The final aim being to build a better world for all humankind by bringing together the necessary tools for continued understanding and progress.

From the University President

"Creighton University’s Asian World Center has hosted lectures, workshops, art exhibitions, concerts, and residency programs that have attracted an estimated 5,000 participants from across the heartland of America.  More than 100 leading scholars, artists, scientists, policy makers, business leaders, and diplomats have shared their insights and experiences on Creighton’s campus and around the Omaha community since the Center was established in 2006.

The Jesuit educational mission involves learning from others while sharing Jesuit values. Fr. Matteo Ricci (1552-1610), the Jesuit scientist and mathematician, exemplified this two-fold mission in rising to a trusted position in the Chinese court.  In an era called “America’s Pacific Century,” Creighton is ahead of the “Asian wave,” which will impact every aspect of Americans’ lives.  At this critical juncture, Creighton shares the responsibility for responding to the unprecedented global change shaped largely by the increased prominence of Asia, especially China and India.

We face the challenge prepared.  This brief report on the mission and accomplishments of the Asian World Center shows how Creighton is bridging the divide between America and the nations of Asia."

Timothy R. Lannon, S.J.
Creighton University President

About the Director

Dr. Maorong Jiang is an Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations and Director of the Asian World Center here at Creighton University.  Born in China, Dr. Jiang began his teaching career at the age of 18, working as a faculty member of the Department of International Relations at the Military College of International Relations in China.  He would begin his graduate studies at the Beijing Foreign Affairs College and complete them in the U.S. at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Ph.D. in Political Science with a focus in Future Studies.  Dr. Jiang has studied at the China- Europe Institute at The Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, Munich University in Germany, USIA, and the East West Center in Honolulu.  Since 2003, Dr. Jiang has been with Creighton University, here in Omaha, building the Asian World Center from the ground up, and also constructing a name for himself as a well-respected authority on the affairs Asian, the United States, and the world.  Aside from hosting numerous lectures and events through the Asian World Center, Dr. Jiang has been active as a member of the Center for Global Nonkilling and in authoring articles concerning East West studies. 

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