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Jinmei Yuan, Ph.D. (Director, East-West Studies)
"Having known the East and the West, it makes me understand that the world is much bigger than I used to think.  There is more than one way to live and appreciating differences is the hope for a peaceful world."

Maorong Jiang, Ph.D. (Faculty, East-West Studies)
"There is too much western culture in the East and the influence of eastern traditions in the west is becoming more and more prevalent. This program helps students learn who they are especially in relation to today's multicultural environment. The EWS program bridges differences and enables us to share the humanity we all have had in common since the dawn of history."

Scott Jordan (Student, East-West Studies)
"The East-West Studies program at Creighton University allots for me not only the flexibility to study multiple fields of interests, but also the ability to go out and gain world experience in subjects I care about.  While working on my degree I have cultivated the ability to remove myself from one perspective and analyze issues from vastly different ethical, historical, and political world views.  The East-West Studies program helps me to develop a network of connections not only throughout the United States, but also strong bonds in Asia and abroad."

Davis Florick (Student, East-West Studies)
"I've been published, won awards, and had opportunities to work with senior leaders in my professional life; but I knew I needed something else to further expedite my career progression.  While I had other options, after Dr. Jiang first discussed the East-West master's degree with me there was no question where I wanted to go.  The value of Dr. Jiang and Dr. Yuan's global and holistic insights regarding the world today are immeasurable in their depth and clarity."

Dan Semrad (Student, East-West Studies)
"I have long been interested in Eastern Philosophy and its practicality and level of applicability within a capitalistic system. These have become burning life issues for me without easy answers if, in fact, there are answers at all. Being a student in the Creighton’s East West Studies Program has provided me with the opportunity of a lifetime to deepen my exploration into areas of study that have fascinated me for years."

Amy Ellefson (Student, East-West Studies & Werner Institute)
"I took an East-West Studies course as an elective and applied to be part of the Graduate program immediately after that. I'm now a dual-degree student in East-West Studies and Creighton's Werner Institute. The unique perspectives of the instructors, students, and material covered offers another way of looking at life and the topics I'm covering for my Master of Science in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution. The class discussions are lively and I learn something new and seemingly profound from the people around me every week."

Susan Thomas, (Asian World Center)
"In our rapidly changing and super-connected world, globalization is a fact, and interdependence a necessity.  Yet, instead of living in a harmonious world in which individuals and nations could prosper, we often find ourselves engaged in conflict caused in part by persistent nationalism, and also by the very cultural traditions which could be enriching us all.  The East-West Studies Graduate Program is a unique program designed to bring Asian and Western students together to engage in a rigorous academic program which will develop skills for personal success based on mutual understanding and respect which will cross borders."

Bi Xia (Visiting Faculty)
"The EWS program allows us to vastly and precisely improve our understanding of eastern and western cultures in today's globalized world to be able to grasp future career opportunities and become world leaders."

Guo Shaoqing (Visiting Ph.D. Candidate)
"EWS is a fantastic program because of its diversity. You will see different people from different countries, such as China, America and India, which will make you have an international vision. Furthermore, all the professors and staff working for this program are very professional, caring and helpful and treat you as family. Additionally, Omaha is such a peaceful city and the life here is so cozy that you will have enough time to reflect and design where it is you want this program to take you to."

Yu Rui (Visiting Scholar)
"The East-West Studies master's program provides you with the unique and engaging opportunity to learn about the cultural differences in different areas. This will drastically sharpen cross-cultural communication skills and will prepare you to face the variety of future challenges you'll come across if working in a multicultural environment."