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First US-India Friendship Summit

The India Association of Nebraska and the Asian World Center at Creighton University in USA are organizing the 1st US-India Friendship Summit to be held at Harper Center at Creighton University, Omaha, on October 7, 2017. The goal of this Summit is to further the cause of friendship between these two large democracies.

The Summit will have 3 parts – Geo-political, Economic-Business & Cultural. Each will have 4 eminent speakers from the United States and India and 2 for the cultural part. There will also be a panel discussion for the Geopolitical & the Economic-Business sections.

Watch the Livestream of the Friendship Summit here

Read about the Friendship Summit here

As the two largest democracies in the world, such a Friendship Summit is long overdue. These two democracies represent a model of human society where people of different backgrounds come together and live in peace and prosper. The fate of these two nations which are beacons of hope for all of humanity, can determine the future of our planet. It is therefore vital that we bring these two democracies closer together so that the values they represent can serve as heliograph to all that are aspiring for greater good. It is time that the two largest democracies work even closer together to promote human dignity and freedom. It is a unique moment in history where the people around the world are looking for examples of the triumph of the human spirit and these nations of Gandhi and Lincoln are exemplary symbols of that achievement.

This Summit will facilitate significant high-level bilateral political, academic, business & cultural interaction between the United States and India over the following issues of common interest:
•    Promote friendship between U.S. and India
•    Enable Greater Trade & Cultural Exchanges
•    Better Understanding of each other’s Geo-Political Frames of Reference
•    Improving the business and investment climate
•    Promote people to people contact and understanding

Please check the US-India Friendship Summit website for more Information: http://www.usindiasummit.org/