Ninth Asian Culture Week (September 9-13, 2013)

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Asian Culture Week 2013 Flyer

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"Talk of Asia: Peace, Society and the Business World"

The public is invited to join Creighton University’s 9th Annual Asian Culture Week from September 9-13, 2013. This year’s theme is “Talk of Asia: Peace, Society and the Business World.”

Since 2005, Creighton students have experienced a major week-long series of events each year with a focus on Asia from politics, economy and society to culture, tradition and identity.  Also known as Non-Western Culture Week, Asian Culture Week at Creighton has held annual events centered around themes all of which have reflected our educational mission and served to enrich our global awareness.  

To continue the success of its past Asian Culture Weeks, the Ninth Asian Culture Week intends to share the Asian concerns over the social impact of business in Asia. This week-long event inspires various means as to bring experts on Asia from across the world to Creighton to continue dialogues meant to foster and promote understanding about Asia in multiple capacities.

The week includes a series of events including lectures, panel discussions, book discussions, video and photo presentations, and receptions.

All events are organized by the Asian World Center and partially sponsored by Creighton's Non-Western Culture Committee.


Monday, September 9, 2013

"Social and Economic Problems Facing China's Fifth Generation of Leaders"
Lecture by Dr. Elizabeth Larus, University of Mary Washington
Skutt Student Center, Room 105

Elizabeth F. Larus (Ph.D. Virginia) is Professor of Political Science at the University of Mary Washington. Prior to joining the college faculty in 1997, Dr. Larus worked on Capitol Hill as a press Secretary on Capitol Hill, and then lived in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. She has taught courses on American, European, and Asian governments at Lingnan University (HK), the University of Virginia, and the University of Richmond. She is author of the books Politics and Society in Contemporary China and Economic Reform in China, 1979-2003: The Marketization of Labor and State Enterprises as well as more than 20 book chapters and scholarly articles. In 2012-13, Professor Larus presented papers at academic conferences in the United States, Taiwan, and Great Britain (Oxford University). Her talk will look at how unresolved economic and social problems (demographics, social security, health care, the environment, rural-urban disparity, ethnic tension, social discontent, and corruption) impact the legitimacy of China’s Fifth Generation of leaders.

Public Reception
Skutt Student Center, Room 105

"East and West Connect and Compete: Anglo-American and Russian Science Fiction in the Cold War and Beyond"
Lecture by Professor Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College
Skutt Student Center, Room 105

Sibelan Forrester teaches Russian language and literature at Swarthmore College, including a course on Russian and East European Science Fiction. She has published numerous articles on Russian literature and is active as a translator of prose and poetry. Her latest publication on science fiction was the co-authored introduction to a special cluster of articles on early Soviet and post-Soviet SF in the journal /Slavic Review/ (summer, 2013). Her talk will briefly outline the shape of that tradition over the past 125 years and then focus in on the relationship of Soviet and Anglo-American science-fiction during the Cold War - with a glance at the translations of Japanese science fiction into Russian in the same period.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Americans: Fighting for Peace in Asia"
Special Presentation and Discussion
By Earl Stubbe, D.Ed., Retired Assistant Director of Superintendent's Office (Waterford Township, PA) and of the 20th Air Force, 315th Bomb Wing, World War II, Guam
Skutt Student Center, Room 104

Dr. Earl Stubbe enlisted in the Army Air Corp in May 1942. After being called into service in February 1943, he traveled extensively for training, studying in places such as Florida, Washington and Texas. In April 1945, he received orders to report to the 315th Bomb Wing in Grand Island, Nebraska, where he met his crew and trained in their B-29 before flying five missions in Guam later that July. In 1949, Dr. Stubbe received his master’s from Columbia University before going on to complete his doctorate in education at Penn State University in 1962. He taught math, science and geography in several high schools from 1947-1954, and in 1955 he became the principal of the Fort Le Boeuf High School in Waterford, PA. He went on to become Assistant Superintendent of Erie County Public Schools from 1966-1971 and for the next ten years served as Assistant Director of the Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit before retiring in 1981.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"China in the Business World"
Roundtable Discussion
Moderated by Dr. Maorong Jiang, Creighton University
Skutt Student Center, Room 104


Panelists include:

  • Marisa Ring, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr. Birud Sindhav, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Dr. Yu Rui, Nanjing University of the Arts
  • Jennifer Zhang, JZW International
  • Dr. John Wingender, Creighton University
  • Dr. Jinmei Yuan, Creighton University

This roundtable event will be moderated by Dr. Maorong Jiang, Director of the Asian World Center. The discussion will be centered on the theme of "China in the Business World" during which the relationship between China and various aspects of business in China will be discussed (e.g. economics, environment, ethics, legal and other social impacts). The purpose of the discussion is to create a dialogue between the Creighton community and several prominent individuals in the Omaha-China business community to better promote and enhance understanding about China from a business perspective.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Creighton in Tibet, Philosophy for Children"
Special Photo/Video Presentation and Discussion
By Dr. Jinmei Yuan and Mr. Andrew Trapp, Creighton University
Eppley Building, Room 310

In May 2012, Dr. Jinmei Yuan, professor of philosophy and director of the Philosophy for Children (p4c) program at Creighton, and a delegation of four Creighton graduates & p4c program leaders traveled to a rural Tibetan area in Yunnan Province, deep in southwestern China. The group visited a school in a small rural village for two days where they were introduced some basic western philosophy to the students. In this presentation, Dr. Yuan and Andrew Trapp will share their experiences from this trip in the form of stories, photos and videos.

Friday, September 13, 2013

"Finding Soul in Work and Life"
Book discussion and luncheon featuring authors and Dr. Vasant Raval and Dr. Prafulla Raval, Creighton University
Faculty Commons

*This event requires an RSVP because seating is limited (14 seats available) - please RSVP to Susan Thomas (

"Finding Soul in Work and Life" discusses four stages of transition titled Perceive, Pick-up, Prepare, and Proceed. First, it looks at the current state of things to decipher why people continue to remain unhappy throughout their life (Perceive). Second, it helps the reader comprehend or Pick-up the wisdom of the ages; the so-called lenses that will help gain a new perspective on one's unhappiness and do something about it. Third, it assists the reader in order to Prepare, that is, examine life and work in the context of karma, to help make the change, to lead oneself to the right path to lasting happiness. Issues and challenges of work-life balance are also addressed in this stage. The final stage is to Proceed, that is, begin one's journey to effect change using the newly-found compass to achieve lasting happiness.

Prafulla Raval earned her doctoral degree in Biochemistry in the USA, and has taught courses and worked as a researcher in health sciences at medical centers.  She has published in peer reviewed journals in her field.  A scholar in Sanskrit language, her deep knowledge of the language has been an invaluable resource in the interpretation of Eastern philosophy, the foundation of this book.

Vasant Raval earned his doctoral degree in Business in the USA and holds three professional certifications.  A co-author of two textbooks, he has published business related research in various journals.  A frequent speaker on ethics and an author of a column on Information Ethics, he is an active consultant to businesses.