Bruce Mattson

Bruce Mattson, Ph.D.


Bruce Mattson, Ph.D.
Inorganic Chemistry

Hixson-Lied Science Building 262

Bruce Mattson

We have developed a novel method for the generation of small samples of gases safely and inexpensively inside 60-mL plastic syringes. This enclosed arrangement prevents discharges to the room, which is important when noxious gases are being generated. In all, we have developed methods and suggested experiments for H2, O2, CO2, N2, NH3, NOx, C2H2, H2S, SO2, Cl2, HCl, CO, C2H4, SiH4, CH4, N2O, and O3. The methods and the 150 experiments were published in a series of articles and in a book that is now available on-line

Our current focus in on our “gas reaction catalyst tube”, developed with students at Creighton. The catalyst tube consists of a small glass tube (6 mm diameter x 10 cm) containing ~ 1 mg nanoparticle palladium on alumina support. With undergraduate research students, we designed, developed, and published a series of articles on gas-phase catalytic reactions. Some of the experiments are suited for classroom demonstrations and others lend themselves to inquiry-based learning activities. All along the way, the design of the catalyst tube improved and now can be constructed for about $2 and used indefinitely. Over the past two years we have worked extensively with the deuteration and hydrogenation of alkenes via the Horiuti-Polanyi mechanism and alkynes via the vinyl reversal mechanism.


Ph.D. (1977) University of Minnesota
B.A. (1973) Southwest (Minnesota) State University

Selected Publications

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“Bringing New Chemistry into the Classroom: Nanoparticles and catalysis. Part 1. Function and Importance of nanoparticles in catalysis” Bruce Mattson* and Samantha Jarman, Chem13 News, 2017, 435, 12 – 15. This is a 3-part series on Bringing New Chemistry into the Classroom: Nanoparticles and Catalysis Series.

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