HollyAnn Harris

HollyAnn Harris, Ph.D.


HollyAnn Harris, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Physical Chemistry

Eugene C. Eppley Building 212 harris@creighton.edu

HollyAnn Harris

Dr. Harris is currently on hiatus from the Department of Chemistry, serving as Associate Dean for the College of the Arts & Science.

Dr. Harris uses molecular orbital theory to determine the electronic structures of main-group and transition metal inorganic molecules, particularly those that may have biological importance. The electronic structures of these compounds are then used to predict or explain chemical reactivity, especially electron transfer (re-dox) behavior.


Ph.D. (1988) University of Wisconsi, Madison
B.S. (1982) Harvey Mudd College

Selected Publications

Wermer, J.G.; Gaines, D.F.; Harris, H.A. "Synthesis and Molecular Structure of Lithium Tri(tert-butyl)beryllium, Li[Be(tert-C4H9)3]," Organometallics 1988, 7, 2421-2422.

Edvenson, G.M.; Gaines, D.F.; Harris, H.A.; Campana, C.F. "NMR and X-Ray Studies of Penta- and Hexaborane Alkyl Derivative Involving [3.3.1] and [3.3.2] Ring Systems," Organometallics 1990, 9, 401-408.

Harris, H.A.; Kanis, D.R.; Dahl, L.F. "A Comparative Theoretical Analysis of the Physicochemically Dissimilar Tetrathiolate- and Oxalate-Bridged
Dititanium Series, [(Cp2Ti)2(u-C2X4)]n (Where = S, n = 0, 1-, 2-,; X = ), n = 0, 2+): An Explanation of Electron Delocalization from the Metal Centers Upon Replacement of the Oxalate Ligand with the Tetrathiooxalate Ligand," J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1991, 113, 8602-8611.