Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club


Creighton University
Department of Chemistry
Phone: 402.280.2813
Fax: 402.280.5737

Chemistry Club Mission Statement

The Nebraska Student Affiliation of the American Chemical Society at Creighton University termed Chemistry Club exists as a means to broaden the horizons of both students and faculty with an interest in Chemistry.

The Chemistry Club serves as a social organization by promoting extra-curricular activities with both faculty and students attending in support.

The Chemistry Club serves as an educational organization and tool for members as faculty, members as student teachers/ teaching assistants, and members being involved in high school and grade school activities, including Chemistry field Day and the Melodious Musichemical Manifestation or Chem. Demo Show.

The Chemistry Club finally serves as a representation of Creighton values in that the Chemistry Club and its members strive to make the very best out of every person through hard work, positive reinforcement, and a welcoming atmosphere to all who display interest.