Our Tutors

Dr. Laura Gill, Instructor and Director of the Communication Center

Hometown: Aurora, SD

I teach the Digital Communication Lab; Relationships, Work, and Culture; Theories of Leadership and Organizational Change; and Managerial Communication.

Community Involvement: Advisor for the Ratio Studiorum Program, Communication Studies Major Advisor, Member of the National Association for Communication Centers, Editorial Board for Speaker and Gavel, I also give presentations on effective communication styles for Creighton University Human Resources and Creighton Dental School. 

Experience with public speaking: I began my teaching career in 2004 at South Dakota State University as a graduate student and found a passion for helping students thrive in speaking situations. I am also a former speech and debate coach. I've coached multiple students to outrounds at the American Forensics Association Individual Events Tournament and the National Forensics Association National Championship. During my time as a coach, I coached two National Champions, including Creighton's first National Champion in Prose Interpretation, Chris Fowler.

What I enjoy about tutoring: Through working with a variety of public speaking experience levels, I've learned how to help individuals who would rather not speak to those that have significant speaking experience. Everyone has the opportunity to improve and become a stronger speaker, and what we do in the communication center allows individuals to see their true potential.

Fun Fact: I enjoy traveling, spending time in our backyard gardening, and making pancakes in various shapes (Like a bus! Or a cow!) for our daughters. 

Ashley Abraham

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Jason Carli

Hometown: Frankfort, IL

Major: Nursing

Community Involvement/Interests: Exercise, cooking, history, hackey sack, longboarding, PC gaming, and recently took up interest in upgrading my computer hardware!

Public Speaking Experience or why you enjoy tutoring: I enjoy tutoring because I believe that educating oneself in interpersonal communication is essential to effective and efficient conversation and problem solving in the real world. I've been tutoring in "speeching" and essays since high school and I've also taken part in a public speaking role in a community service organization back home in Chicagoland. I like tutoring in communication because I enjoy experiencing other people's work ethic and seeing how that impacts their speaking style.

Fun Fact: I'm CPR certified so if you have awful speech anxiety and have an emergency during your appointment, I'm your man. Also, evident by the previous attempt at humor, I try (and sometimes fail) to implement humor into my speaking style whenever possible and appropriate! I'm a huge fan of Dad jokes, so please share 'em if you've got 'em.

Krista Chang

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Elizabeth Fagerland

Hometown: West Des Moines, IA

Majors and Minor: Secondary Education & English; Language Arts Endorsement

Community Involvement/Interests: I am a Resident Advisor and an active member of Sigma Tau Delta- International English Honors Society

Why I Enjoy Tutoring: I enjoy tutoring communication because I love teaching and working with students.  It is really rewarding to help a student build their confidence with public speaking.

Fun Fact: My friends and family all call me by my nickname: Bitz

Cat Henning

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Hannah Kavan

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Sociology

Community Involvement/Interests: Gamma Phi Beta, Welcome Week, Tour Guide

Public Speaking Experience: I have given multiple presentations and speeches in classes throughout high school and college.

Jian Ijirani

Hometown: Folsom, CA

Major: Nursing (Class of 2021)

Involvement: Circle K, CUSNA

Why I enjoy tutoring: Tutoring is a great way to be able to learn new things. Many times, the things that people need help with are also things that I've struggled with in the past, so I can use my experience to help them. I also have the opportunity to learn new things as some people may have certain tricks or hints that are much more efficient or helpful.

Fun Fact: My favorite hobbies are photography and digital drawing.

Alejandra Martinez

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Majors and Minor: Psychology Major with a Communications Minor and Dance Minor!

Community Involvement/Interests: I am a Resident Advisor and a Campus Ministry Retreat leader as well as an active member of Blue Crew and the Creighton University Latino Student Association (CULSA).

Why I Enjoy Tutoring: I enjoy being a tutor because of how often I get to learn something new from students' ideas and presentations.

Fun Fact: My favorite go to snack is cut-up fruit with Tajín seasoning. It's a delicious explosion of flavour!

Hannah Okelberry

Hometown: Logan, Utah

Majors: English and Psychology

Why I enjoy tutoring: I love tutoring because I love exploring ideas with the students I work with. I am a firm believer in the power of language as a tool that can be used to alter perceptions and change lives, and I love working with students to improve the effectiveness of their speeches with this as my ethos. My goal is to help students strengthen their arguments at any point in the speech-building process, from brainstorming ideas to organizing them into outlines to helping with solid delivery.

Fun fact: I’m currently on the hunt for the best cup of coffee in Omaha. (Suggestions encouraged!)

Ben Ward

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