Dr. Sheri Shuler

Mailing Address

Dr. Sheri Shuler
Dept of Communication Studies
Creighton University
Omaha, NE 68178





Dr. Sherianne Shuler joined the Communication Studies faculty at Creighton
as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2004. Her teaching and research interests
focus on the intersections of organizational communication and gender
studies; as well as representations of work and home in the media. Recent
research projects have involved the exploration of the emotional rules and
coping strategies constructed by such diverse organizational groups as 911
dispatchers, domestic violence employees, and reference librarians.  She has also published critiques of the portrayal of executive women in Fortune magazine and of the depiction of women's friendships on Desperate Housewives. Her research has appeared in American Communication Journal, Management Communication Quarterly, Women's Studies in Communication, The Electronic Journal of Communication, Communication Studies, and in several edited volumes. She teaches courses at Creighton in the areas of organizational communication, leadership, gender, cultural studies, and public speaking.