Adjunct Faculty

Ms. Kristin Fitzgerald, ABD University of New Mexico


Kristin Fitzgerald is in currently writing her dissertation concerning her research among Lakota Christians in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Her work recognizes that many urban Native Americans today participate in a number of typically Western institutions, such as their local churches, while also maintaining their claims to tribal heritage(s).  Further, while missionaries historically attempted to variously replace or reform traditional customs and beliefs with those of Christianity, many denominations now celebrate multiculturalism, which has offered indigenous groups both opportunities and challenges in the Church.  Fitzgerald's work proposes that Lakota congregants and clergy from two urban Lakota churches (Catholic and Episcopalian) in Rapid City, South Dakota, are trying out and standardizing new models of 'traditionally Lakota' practices and beliefs during rituals, activities, conversations, and life histories.


Dr. Cynthia Schmidt

Dr. Schmidt is an ethnomusicologist, documentarian (including an award-winning film, "The Language You Cry In"), and Africanist whose PhD is an ethnomusicology, from UCLA. She has lived and taught in many places, including at the University of Sierra Leone. Originally from Iowa, she is now closer to home, and we're so grateful that she'll be joining us for Fall 2018 teaching ANT 179 Encountering Africa: Experiencing Our Shared Humanity.


CRHL 426 D

Dr. Susie Riva-Mossman

Dr. Mossman Riva is an anthropologist living in Switzerland. Sh earned her PhD in the Social Sciences from the TAOS Institute of the University of Tilburg, The Netherlands, and has long-term experience as a practicing anthropologist whose main body of work has been in intercultural mediation and qualitative healthcare needs assessments. Her interdisciplinary research with the Senior Living Lab brought forth a documentary film as well as several articles addressing hopeful, health aging. She currently is working to engender resilient Alpine communities. She teaches online sections of ANT 113: Introduction to Anthropology: Social & Cultural Determinants of Health and ANT 383: Cultural Epidemiology. Visit her homepage to learn more about her background, expertise, research, and teaching interests.