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Travel Grants for Students

ATTENTION CSS STUDENTS: The Department has funding available for student travel to conferences! Check out our Travel Policy and request funding! Four weeks before travel, please submit the following information via Email to our department chair:


  1. Brief Description of Conference
  2. An abstract of the paper or research project you will be presenting.
  3. Amount of funding you are seeking from the department.
  4. Amount of funding you are requesting and/or have received from other sources.

ANT 317: Global Health Issues: A Biosocial and Justice-Oriented Approach                                                                                                                Dr. Roedlach, Fall & Spring Semesters

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want/need an override! For all programs in this department, override requests must be submitted via email to the instructor of the course you would like to take. If and when her/his approval is issued, we will enter the override exception into NEST and send you an email that the exception is entered and you may now register for the course in question. If the instructor is listed as TBD, please send your request to our Department Chair.

Who do I talk to about Study AbroadAll study abroad course requests are approved by our Department Chair. Please contact her to make an appointment and/or to ask any questions.

I want to take a course at another university. Will it count? All transient study courses must be approved by both the Department Chair and the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office. You must obtain the syllabus of the course at the institute of higher education where you plan on taking the course and submit that with your Transient Study form to our Department Chair. Transient Study forms are available in the College of Arts and Sciences office, Eppley 212.

I want to change my major to one in your department. Who do I talk to? You have multiple resources available to you. The faculty in our department are happy to talk to you about the courses and time needed to complete a major in our department. Email or call the professor who is in the major you are interested in pursuing. Furthermore, your current advisor, EDGE advisors, or the Career Center can help you figure out the major that best aligns with what you are passionate about learning and the skills you enjoy utilizing.

I am under the MAGIS core. How do I know which of your courses apply for the major and the core? Course designations and approvals are happening on an ongoing basis. All advisers will receive these updates as they become available. Please contact your adviser or the professor instructing the course in question to ensure you complete your core and major requirements.

I want to do research and CURAS sent me to the professor. What do I do now? Faculty are happy to talk to you about research possibilities in our various programs. We recommend that you take an Introductory course in the field, Social and Cultural Theory (301), and/or Quantitative Research Methods for Social Science (312), Quantitative Statistics for the Social Sciences (314), and/or Qualitative Research Methods (316). Social science research and in particular anthropological research requires working directly with the community. As such, it is imperative you are working on or already possess the research skills relevant to our disciplines.