Beverly A. Doyle

Beverly A. Doyle, PhD

University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Doyle is an associate professor of education and indicates that "working with at risk students is my vocation and avocation." Holding a doctorate from the University of Lincoln-Nebraska, she is certified as a special educator and school psychologist, and is a licensed psychologist in Nebraska.

Prior to coming to Creighton University she taught at the Omaha Women's Job Corps and at Glenwood State Hospital School. She was a therapist at Monroe-Meyer Childrens Rehabilitation Institute and worked as a school psychologist for the Omaha Public Schools. Dr. Doyle has written numerous articles and two books that deal with students who have behavioral and learning problems. She has published articles that describe ways that educators can work with students experiencing mental health problems. Another interest and area of expertise is assessment. She has presented at conferences nationally and internationally on this topic.

Dr. Doyle is available for speeches, presentations, workshops and consultation relating to issues of handicapping conditions, mental health problems, and assessment concerns. She can be reached at