E-mail Addresses

Dr. Debra L. Ponec, Chair  dlponec@creighton.edu
Dr. Lynne Houtz, Associate Chair  lhoutz@creighton.edu

Dr. Timothy J. Cook (Director of Educational Leadership)  tcook@creighton.edu
Dr. Timothy Dickel  tdickl@creighton.edu
Dr. Beverly A. Doyle (Coordinator of Special Education) bdoyle@creighton.edu
Dr. Max Engel maxengel@creighton.edu
Ms. Jean Hearn jeanhearn@creighton.edu
Dr. Ann Mausbach annmausbach@creighton.edu
Dr. Lynn E. Olson (Director of Elementary Education) lolson@creighton.edu  
Fr. Tom Simonds, S.J. (Director of Secondary Education)  thomassimonds@creighton.edu
Dr. Jeffrey Smith (Director of Counseling Program) jefsmith@creighton.edu 

Colleen Chiacchere (Magis Assistant Director) colleenchiacchere@creighton.edu
Kate Linden (Magis Director) klinden@creighton.edu  
Scott McClure (Magis Assistant Director) scottmcclure@creighton.edu
Carol Sudduth (Administrative Assistant) carolsudduth@creighton.edu  
Chrys Townsend-Frey (Director of Field Experience & Certification) chrys@creighton.edu