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Dr. Debra L. Ponec, Chair
Dr. Lynne Houtz, Associate Chair

Dr. Timothy J. Cook (Director of Educational Leadership)
Dr. Timothy Dickel
Dr. Beverly A. Doyle (Coordinator of Special Education)
Dr. Max Engel
Ms. Jean Hearn
Dr. Ann Mausbach
Dr. Lynn E. Olson (Director of Elementary Education)  
Fr. Tom Simonds, S.J. (Director of Secondary Education)
Dr. Jeffrey Smith (Director of Counseling Program) 

Colleen Chiacchere (Magis Assistant Director)
Kate Linden (Magis Director)  
Scott McClure (Magis Assistant Director)
Carol Sudduth (Administrative Assistant)  
Chrys Townsend-Frey (Director of Field Experience & Certification)