Teacher Education in the Jesuit Tradition

Founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th century as a Catholic religious order of men, the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) are widely known throughout the world for being outstanding educators.


Founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th century as a Catholic religious order of men, the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) are widely known throughout the world for being outstanding educators.  Creighton University, one of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States, shares the educational legacy of the Jesuits that began more than 450 years ago.
Continuing the Jesuit tradition, the Department of Education at Creighton University strives to produce teacher leaders who serve public, Catholic, and other private schools in local and global, diverse communities.  These teacher leaders bring distinctive gifts - charisms - that are rooted in the Ignatian vision of the world and humanity to their school communities.  Primary among the chaisms that guide the formation of teacher education candidates at Creighton University are Education of the Whole Person, Cura Personalis (care of the individual), Magis (striving for excellence), Men and Women for and with Others, Service of Faith and Promotion of Justice, Leadership, and Contemplation in Action.
All teacher education programs at Creighton are fully accredited by state, regional, and national accrediting agencies (Nebraska Department of Education), North Central Association, and National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education).  The programs are a harmonious blend of theory and practical experience.  The pre-service teaching experiences include aiding, assisting, and student teaching in diverse settings within the Omaha metropolitan area.  All teacher candidates are exposed to public and private educational settings and work with students of diverse ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds.
The Education Department has seven programs and several certificates that teacher education candidates can add to initial teaching endorsements.  Elementary Education is the department's only major.  This major leads to a field endorsement and certification for teaching grades K-6 (K-8 in self-contained classroom).  Secondary Education is a co-major which requires a major in an academic subject area or field in addition to course content in professional education.  This endorsement is designed for teacher education candidates interested in teaching middle school, junior or senior high school grades.  Special Education is an endorsement which requires a major in Elementary Education or a co-major in Special Education.  Teacher education candidates receiving this endorsement will complete course work related to teaching the mildly/moderately handicapped student with an emphasis on mental retardation.
The Education Department offers certificate programs in Religious Education and Computer Science.  Religious Education requires eight courses that are taken through the theology department in collaboration with the Education Department.  The Computer Science endorsement is a 15-hour undergraduate endorsement that can be used for working with 7 - 12 grade students.  These certificates can only be earned as an additional endorsement on an initial teaching certificate.
At the Graduate level, the Education Department has programs that offer initial certification in Secondary Education and graduate endorsements in Counseling and School Administration.  The Master's of Education in Secondary Teaching requires that a teacher education candidate has completed a bachelor's degree in an endorsement area.  The graduate degree then focuses on professional education coursework and experiences.  The Magis Catholic Teacher Corps Program is another M.Ed. program for initial certification in Secondary Education.  This program requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree in an endorsement area and a commitment to work and serve in Catholic schools.  The Graduate Program offers tracks in Elementary School Counseling, Secondary School Counseling, Community Counseling, and College Counseling/Student Development Services.  A master's degree in the school counseling tracks will lead to certification to counsel in schools.  The School Administration Program offers tracks in Elementary and Secondary School Administration.  These program tracks will lead to additional certification as a school principal.
For admissions requirements and additional information on each of these program or certificates see the appropriate web link.

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