Application Process


Dr. Deb Ponec

Steps to Apply to the Program

Application Deadline is March 1st
Steps to Apply to the Program

1.  Contact the Director by email. (see contact information below).
2.  Send an official copy of transcripts to the Director. (see address below), or schedule a meeting with her.
3.  The Director will do an analysis of your transcripts to determine if you will be required to take additional course work prior to beginning the program.
4.  The Director will also check your undergraduate cumulative GPA to see if it is acceptable. (target is 3.0 with 2.5 or higher will be considered.)
5.  The Director will send the transcript analysis to you by e-mail and schedule an on campus interview.
6.  Complete and submit the applications to the Department and Graduate School.
7.  Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified in writing of the decision of the Graduate School and the Education Department

Transcript Analysis Policy
Graduate and transfer student transcripts are analyzed by Education Department personnel in order to determine whether or not a student has satisfied Creighton University and NE State Department of Education requirements.  Courses with grades of D or F will not be accepted for credit or for satisfaction of pre-requisite program requirements.

Application Packet available in Education Office

1.  Transcripts for course work completed since the transcript analysis.
2.  Notarized felony convictions and mental capacity statement.
3.  PPST scores
4.  Graduate School online application
5.  Application fee
6.  Three letters of recommendation.
7.  Background Check - All prospective students are expected to successfully pass a background check before being admitted to the department.

Program Information

  • If accepted, you will begin the program in late May.
  • If you are accepted as a student, you will be admitted to Level I of the program.  To be admitted to Level II, you must maintain a 3.0 average in EDU 503, 510, and 601, obtain a C or higher in all three courses, and successfully complete the practicum experience that is part of EDU 510.
  • Creighton University will support your desire to enter the teaching profession by giving you a 1/2 tuition discount for all education course work taken at Creighton.
  • Financial aid
  • Student teaching can be completed in a public, Catholic, or other private school.