Recommended Sequence of Courses


Dr. Deb Ponec

Recommended Sequence of Classes for Students Seeking Masters in Elementary Education

Summer Session - Level I
Edu 503      Foundations of Education (3 credits)
EDU 510     Child and Adolescent Development (3 credits)
EDU 601     Technology Lab - (1 credit required) (3 credits optional)

Fall Session - Level II
EDU 525     Inclusion of Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities (3 credits)
EDU 565     Methods of Teaching Language Arts in Elementary School
                  (3 credits)
EDU 566     Teaching of Reading(3 credits)
EDU 567     Methods of Teaching Social Studies in Elementary School (3 credits)

Spring Session
EDU 568     Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School (3 credits)
EDU 569     Methods of Teaching Science in Elementary School ( 3 credits)
EDU 500     Remedial Reading (3 credits)
EDU 615     Educational Research (3 credits)


Summer Session
EDU 583     Management Practices for Elementary Classroom Teachers
                  (3 credits
EDU 692     Cultural Issues in Education (3 credits)

Fall Session - Level III
EDU 591     Student Teaching
EDU 593     Student Teaching Seminar

Note:  Some but not all coursework in fall and spring semesters can be taken in a different sequence.  Seek the advice and approval of the Elementary Education Program Director.