Secondary Education

Graduate Program in Secondary School Teaching.

The graduate program in secondary school teaching at Creighton University provides students with two options to obtain a certificate to teach in public, Catholic, or other private schools.

Graduate Program in Secondary School Teaching


College graduates who want to teach secondary school can earn both their Nebraska teaching certificate and master's degree (M.Ed.) through Creighton's accelerated 32 - credit graduate program.  Scholarships for 1/2 tuition are available.  The Education Department at Creighton University is accredited by state, regional, and national accrediting agencies, including the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).  

Candidates are expected to have the requisite coursework in one of the following endorsement areas before they enroll in the M.Ed. Program;  Art, English, French, History, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education, Social Science, or Spanish.

As a Catholic university sponsored by the Society of Jesus, Creighton University strives to integrate religious values in its curriculum; such as, love and service of God and neighbor, contemplation in action, and ad majorem Dei gloriam (giving glory to God through our profession).  The profession of teaching offers unique opportunities to live these religious values, and we invite you to contact us to explore teaching as your vocation.

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You may also contact Father Thomas Simonds, S.J. for more information on this program.


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Dual Degree Program in Theology & Education

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