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Special Education

Schools are filled with students; dark and light, quiet and loud, happy and sad, with special needs.  For some, it's the need for warmth, patience and support to weather tough emotional times.  For others, there is the need for someone to take the time to find out what really interests them, what motivates them and to spark the interest in learning.  Special educators work with children who present special challenges to their teachers because of their disabilities and their special gifts and talents.  The endorsement in Special Education will prepare you to reach and teach students who are simply variations on a theme of commonalities.

Our program combines course work, interaction with master teachers in schools and community settings, and the opportunity to get involved with special students.  You will gain an appreciation of the unique nature of each student and the knowledge and skills needed to meet that student's needs.  The demand for special educators continues to grow since approximately twelve percent of all students in elementary and secondary programs receive special education.

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