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Why Take Composition?

Your math textbook, your business article, your chemistry research , as well as your humanities texts are all the result of composition. Indeed, composition does not reside primarily in the composition classroom. Not by a long shot. Instead, composition will be asked of you regardless of your major or your professional plans. From social service to the medical research lab, composition is how you will establish yourself as a professional and thoughtful person. Creighton University recognizes that composition is the bedrock of who you are and who you strive to become. And we are proud to ensure that you are equipped for such expectations. Your composition courses will meet you where you are, and lead you to where you deserve to be. Composition results from keen and deliberate thought. At the same time, composition creates keen and deliberate thinking. All that you know, all that you hope to listen to, read, and absorb, and all that you hope to contribute, will be realized through your writing/thinking abilities. Thus, we believe that there is no more important investment that you might make than taking advantage of the chance to hone and improve yourself as a "composer"--a person able to understand, and convey, your own unique excellence--in, on, and through, your own terms.

Why Take Composition at Creighton?

  • Taking composition class your first year of college will help you adjust to Creighton and the new expectations for your writing at the college level. These classes are geared toward helping you succeed at Creighton, with a curriculum aligned in such a way that you will be able to transfer the skills you learn to other classes at Creighton and to the real-world beyond.
  • Composition courses guide you through the writing process step-by-step, meaning you’ll learn strategies and skills for tackling a variety of writing projects as well as study skills and habits of mind you can use throughout your college career.
  • The small, discussion-based focus of the class means that this course will be an excellent way to get to know other students at Creighton and build community during your first semester.