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The English Major

In accordance with the character and goals of Creighton University, the Department of English and the programs it offers promote the intellectual, spiritual, and professional growth of Creighton students through the study of the English language; American, British, and Irish literature; World, Ethnic, Women's and Minority literature; Creative Writing and the Language Arts. English major programs provide graduates with a solid knowledge of their field, critical thinking and writing skills, and the values and ethical background necessary for becoming active, productive, and successful members of society. A training in English at Creighton endows a graduate with a well-rounded education, a broad perspective on human issues, a tolerant and respectful attitude toward diversity, and an approach to work and human interactions based on love, kindness, and commitment to service to the human community.To learn more about specific requirements for the English major, see Majoring and Minoring in English at Creighton University.

Career Opportunities

The English major programs constitute an excellent background for advanced graduate work in the humanities, literature, creative writing, linguistics, rhetoric, and composition. Creighton English majors have a solid foundation for the pursuit of successful careers and the assuming of leadership roles in most professional fields, including academic, research, and scholarly work, education, writing, law, business, public and foreign service, and many others. In fact, English graduates can be found in almost every field of endeavor: five to ten percent of Creighton's English majors enter the teaching field; the same percentage go into graduate studies; ten to fifteen percent enter law school; ten to fifteen percent enter other professional schools; the remaining majors have entered business, government, and publishing work, as well as other fields. Career counseling, an integral part of a Creighton education, is available through departmental advisors as well as through the Creighton University Counseling Center and the Office of Career Services.

Composition Core Curriculum Requirement

The Composition Program administers ENG 150: Rhetoric and Composition, ENG 251: Advanced Composition, and ENG 315: Technical and Professional Writing. ENG 150 is required of all undergraduate students. The English Department at Creighton prides itself on the quality and technological sophistication of its Composition Program, which offers a number of writing courses in the English Computer Lab, a computerized classroom equipped with twenty-six networked personal computers. The Composition Program also administers the Writing Center, where tutors assist students and others who wish to improve their writing. Classes offered in this classroom are designated in the class schedule every semester. The Composition Program offers online versions of ENG 150: Rhetoric and Composition and ENG 251: Advanced Composition.   ENG 150 and 251, as well as ENG 312: Mass Media and Modern Culture, and ENG 315: Technical and Professional Writing are taught in the ECL. Students and faculty are involved in a number of World-Wide Web authoring projects in and out of class. For information about exempting the ENG 150 requirement, click the "Composition Program" link in the menu at the left.

World Literature Core Curriculum Requirement

As part of the old College of Arts and Sciences' Core Curriculum requirements, students had to complete the six-hour sequence of courses ENG 220-221: World Literature I and World Literature II (also listed as CNE 220, and, in the Honors Program, as ENG/CNE 222- ENG 223). Students who matriculated under the old core may choose to fulfill this requirement. Students who matriculated under the Magis core, or who matriculated under the old core but who choose to fulfill course requirements under the new core, need take only one of the World Lit courses or another literature course (from the English Department or another department) that satisfies the Core Literature requirement. For more information, click “World Literature Program” on the menu at the left.

Other Activities

The English Department sponsors three organizations for students. Sigma Tau Delta is a chapter of the National English Honor Society. Creighton is also the home of Shadows, an award-winning magazine of student writing and art, and Blue River, a literary magazine run by the students in the MFA program in creative writing. Annual prizes are awarded for student works of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. In addition to their teaching, advising, and administrative work, faculty members are actively engaged in research, writing, publication, and participation in a variety of academic and cultural events, such as conferences, lectures, and poetry/fiction readings.