Program Evaluation- Faculty Version

World Literature Faculty Questionnaire

What difficulties have you encountered teaching core texts?


What action should the World Literature Program take to facilitate your task of teaching core texts?


Do you believe that international, minority, and women writers are now sufficiently represented in the core texts, or not?


Should the World Literature Program organize teaching literature and writing workshops?


Should some mainstream American literary texts be added to the world literature reading requirements?


Are special events still relevant and how can the Program make them relate further to the readings? And are you satisfied with our current offerings?


What texts do you suggest adding or dropping to the required core readings?


There is a great deal of variety in the way writing is taught among the various sections. Briefly, indicate how you incorporate writing into the teaching of literature so that the two complement each other.


What essential knowledge do you believe our students should have and why?


How frequently do you use technology and what type do you employ? What kind of technological support would you be interested in?


How can the World Literature Program help you learn more about technology? Would you be interested in having workshops or other instruction in the use of technology in the classroom?